Eyelash Extensions Kit

To each LashDream basic course participants will be given eyelash extensions kit which contains all the necessary products for the eyelash extension application. During the basic course will be explained and shown how to use safely and correctly all the products. Each eyelash extensions kit contains lash boxes for approximately 60-70 eyelash applications.

All the products in eyelash extensions kit:

  • 3 mix eyelash extensions boxes with different lengths, curves and thickness

  • 2 different type of tweezers, one to separate the natural lash and other tweezers for applying the eyelash extension.

  • 1 medical type cyanoacrylate glue formulated for eyelash extensions application which has the drying time of 3-4 seconds.

  • 1 primer to prepare the natural lashes for eyelash extensions application. It helps also to clean the eyelashes from grease and residue of make up.

  •  Jade stone what is used for eyelash extensions glue to prevent quick drying during your eyelash extensions application

  • 5 pairs of soft under eye gel patches. Their function is to cover the lover lashes to avoid sticking together with upper eyelashes. These under eye gel patches contain

  • hyaluronic acid and other anti wrinkle ingredients to make your eyelash extensions treatment even more special.

  • Paper scotch or silicone scotch what you can use together with under eye gel patches to cover these lashes what could not been covered completely with patches.

  • Scotch can be used to cover lover lashes in case of an allergy to the under eye gel patches.

  • Disposable sponge applicators to use together with primer to clean the natural lashes.

  • Disposable mascara brushes. They are used during the eyelash extensions application and they make a great present to your clients after the treatment.

  • Cream remover to use when you perform complete eyelash extensions removal.

  • Micro brushes to use during eyelash extensions removal or with primer.

  • Air blower to dry eyelash extensions glue during and after the eyelash extensions treatment.

During the Russian volume 3D-8D eyelash extensions course will be given similar eyelash extensions kit with slight changes.
Changes in the Russian volume eyelash extensions kit:

  • 3 different type of tweezers. One tweezers is to divide the natural lash. One angle tip tweezers with grip to create smaller volume fans and S type tweezers to create bigger volume fans.

  • Medical type cyanoacrylate glue formulated for eyelash extensions application which has very fast drying time of 1-2 seconds.

  • 3 mix type boxes of eyelash extensions with different type of curls and ultra thin thickness like 0,05-0,07mm what are specially designed for Russian volume 3D-8D eyelash extensions application.

  • Instead of jade stone you will find the glue rings which are very comfortable and faster for this type of eyelash extensions application.

Both eyelash extensions kits here on our shop.
Products are available to everyone but they are highly recommended only to professionals who know how to use the eyelash extensions products correctly and safely. Lately with the eyelash extensions boom lots of people are improvising and trying to apply eyelash extensions without following the proper professional course. It is important that the final user understands that the eyes and the eyelashes is not something you joke with. Even when the products have high quality but given into wrong hands can cause serious damage.