Eyebrow Extension Kits

Professional eyebrow extension and 3D semi permanent eyebrow design kit.

LashDream and its subsidiary brand BrowDream offers to its clients possibility to buy professional eyebrow extensions kits for eyebrow extension applications. There are also available kits for semi permanent 3D eyebrow design. Semi permanent 3D eyebrow design pigments are used together with eyelash extensions to achieve the best and long lasting waterproof and smudge free eyebrows what your clients have always desired. Today defined eyebrows are not only the women privilege, self-confident, successful, self-caring man desire defined and cured eyebrows as well. Using BrowDream products you can cover the areas where the hair are missing. 3D pigments can be used directly on the skin. The result remains very natural and lasts up to 4 weeks.
All the products are for professional use only and are not suggested to use without passing the professional eyebrow extension course.

Each kit includes black beauty bag marked with LashDream and BrowDream logo which is comfortable to use for travelling and keeping all your products in order.