Eyelash Extension Kits

LashDream offers to its clients possibility to buy the professional eyelash extension kits.
All the kits contain all the products what are necessary for eyelash extensions application.
Not all the eyelash extensions schools give to its students starter kits and often fresh eyelash technicians do not know exactly what they should have inside their very first eyelash extension kit.
LashDream sells the eyelash extension kits what are normally used also during the basic courses.

There are different options available. For the professionals who are already working LashDream offers complete professional eyelash extension kit what consist rich choice of eyelash extensions and products what are necessary for everyday work. For those who are just starting there is available eyelash extension mini kit what consist basic products what are ideal to start with the practice. All the eyelash extension products are for professional use only and are not suggested to use without passing professional eyelash extension course.

Each kit includes black beauty bag marked with LashDream and BrowDream logo which is comfortable to use for travelling and keeping all your products in order.