Mink eyelash extensions

In the eyelash extensions market exist different type of lashes. The most common what we have heard are mink eyelash extensions. Most common are synthetic mink eyelash extensions. They are made of synthetic material called PBT. They mimic the softness and the lightness of real mink hair.

Mink eyelash extensions are made out of real mink fur. These extensions are very soft and natural looking, and each extension has a different length and thickness, but their curl is not as stable as in the synthetic extensions.
Many eyelash technicians are opposed using the real mink eyelash extensions referring to the animal cruelty. The suppliers claim that the animals are being gently brushed to get the eyelash extension material but in reality the animals are being kept in awful conditions until they are killed.

LashDream do not sell the real mink eyelash extensions for the reasons of ethic and hygiene as the real mink eyelash extensions may always possess danger to the eyes.
Synthetic mink eyelash extensions are the most commonly used product and most requested by the end users. Differences between mink and silk eyelash extensions are that the mink lashes look more natural cause they are matt and softer and silk eyelashes have shiny finishing and the material may feel little bit harder. Silk eyelash extensions give more obvious and dramatic effect. LashDream academy offers eyelash extension courses where students are teached to use both mink and silk eyelash extensions. All the products used during the training courses are available in eyelash extensions product shop.

The first mink eyelash extensions were invented at the end of the 90s in Korea and they started to expand to US and Europe around 2002. Very first eyelash extensions were limited with only 1 type of curl J. Very soon after that in the market came also C curl eyelash extensions. By now in the eyelash extension market there are big variety of the curls and types available but still the most popular are faux mink eyelash extensions. With the time the eyelash extension field have changed and grew a lot. Also the professional training courses have become better and more information is available and new innovative techniques are teached. Unfortunately there are still people who think they can learn this profession only by watching the videos and improvising without thinking what risks there are applying eyelash extensions without any professional training. LashDream training courses are performed by the internationally highly experienced trainers.