Eyelash Extensions

Ever since the dawn of time women and men have been inventing fantastic ways to make their eyes and eyelashes stand out.

Very first artificial eyelash extensions according to widely known legend were first introduced in 1916 by the cinema director D.W. Griffith in his film Intolerance and they were glued with the spirit gum on the main actress Seena Owen’s eyelids. What he did was not so unique as on 6th of june 1911 a Canadian woman Anna Taylor received a U.S patent for the artificial eyelash extensions. The first patent for the flare or cluster eyelash extensions was issued on 3rd september 1974 to an inventor Peggy S. Jacobs. This type of lash extensions were glued by using latex based liquid surgical type of glue. Classical individual lashes or semi permanent eyelash extensions were first introduced at the end of the 90s. Some say that the technique of individual lashes was invented in Japan others say they were first introduced in Korea. At the beginning of their arrival there were not so many models of eyelashes available.

When the years passed eyelash extensions treatment became very popular globally and on the market started to arrive eyelash extensions with new type of curls, thicknesses, lengths and materials. It is a technique where eyelashes are carefully separated and one eyelash extension is glued on one natural eyelash. This makes them very lash friendly as the eyelashes can shed individually when they come to an end of the eyelash growth cycle. The very first technique of eyelash extensions was not exactly the same as it is today as at the beginning eyelash technicians were using to separate the eyelashes a tool what was similar to crochet hook.

As women was asking for even fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes in 2010 was invented new innovative eyelash extensions technique what was called Russian volume lashes and in 2012 it spread very quickly to Europe and US. This kind of lash extensions technique is very safe and lash friendly as the eyelash extensions used are extremely lightweight. You can achieve amazing volume what was never possible with the traditional individual lashes. This technique is considered to be of master class level and in order to learn it the eyelash technician is required to have previous experience with individual lashes.