Semi Permanent Eyelashes

As we know the face and the eyes play the most important role in our overall appearance. The fuller and longer our lashes are the more expressive our eyes become. That is the main reason why the semi permanent eyelashes have been born. As the semi permanent eyelash extension treatment is still quite new in the market there is some misinformation still moving around.

It is important to underline that permanent eyelash extensions what last forever do not exist.

The natural eyelash cycles last approximately 45-60 days and during this period the hair fall out and new hair will grow. In the market does not exist one glue or technique what would make the eyelash extensions last forever. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are applied one by one to each natural lash using medical grade cyanoacrylate eyelash extension glue. All the LashDream glues are available here
Semi permanent eyelash extensions maintenances are suggested after every 2/3 weeks to keep them always perfect.

In the web through some old articles is possible to find where someone speaks about the difference of permanent and semi permanent eyelashes but in reality exist only semi permanent eyelash extensions. No needle and thread are used to sew the eyelash extensions to the eyelids. This kind of procedure though was in use through Parisians around 1880 but if to think about it now it would be too scary procedure. Do not trust the therapist who promises you the permanent eyelash extensions that last forever. The only alternative what may last forever but has nothing to do with the permanent eyelash extensions is eyelash hair transplantation or eyelash implants is a relatively recently developed surgical procedure where hair follicles are harvested from the scalp and then individually implanted into the eyelid margin. This kind of treatment is done under anesthesia by the surgeon. It is not possible to perform this surgery on the persons who suffer under the total alopecia (total hair loss) or the patients who suffer under condition called trichotillomania (pathology where person has a need to pull her hair or eyelashes out) This kind of treatment has its disadvantages as the hair are taken from the scalp it continues to grow once transplanted to the eyelid and will take its original shape. This means it is necessary to continue to trim and curve them almost everyday to make them look more similar to the natural eyelashes.

The oculoplastici surgeons are warning that the surgical augmentation of eyelashes can lead to severe complications, including trichiasis (eyelash misdirection), and, in extreme cases, it may threaten vision.
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