Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrows have always played an important role in communication and expressing ourselves, but by enhancing the eyebrows, we can also dramatically improve our appearance. Eyebrows can be a strong fashion statement. The fashion of eyebrows has changed in time from thin to bushy and from straight to arched brows, but they have usually had something in common – the most wanted eyebrows are full and the great example is Care Delevingne eyebrows.

Eyebrow extensions is revolutionary technique that will allow you to reconstruct your client’s eyebrows completely. You can create defined full eyebrows, which is not possible with the regular eyebrow shaping treatment. The treatment is perfect to offer to the clients who are doing eyelash extensions. As there is also the saying “if the eyes are the window to the soul. Eyebrows must be the frame!

This treatment results in smudge and waterproof eyebrows that can last with correct aftercare up to 4 weeks. The effect of eyebrow extensions is very similar to permanent make-up. The only difference is that it is 3-dimensional and not permanent.

This treatment is suitable to everyone - from owners of good eyebrows to people suffering from partial or total hair loss.
It gives you the freedom to create the most desired and fashionable eyebrow shapes you ever desired.
Eyebrow extensions come in different colors to match the best eyebrows natural color. They come also in different curls and lengths. I curl which is completely straight and is perfect to add some volume to the natural eyebrows. A curl which has slight curl and is perfect to cover the part where the hair is missing. To apply easily eyebrow extensions, it is suggested to use X type tweezers which opens when you press on it. That way your wrist will not be under tension.

Eyebrow extensions treatment is normally combined with eyebrow 3D pigment treatment to give to your clients better and longer lasting results. Eyebrow 3D pigments come in different colors and must be mixed with special gels. 3D pigments are applied with special thin steel stick to create the hair stroke effect on the skin. All the eyebrow extensions products are carefully studied and tested to ensure the highest quality in the market. All the products are on sale through our shop.

To perform eyebrow extensions treatment, it is necessary to undergo the professional training. During the training course you will learn all the tricks and tips to become the perfect eyebrow artist who the clients can rely on and trust.