D-Curl Long Life Double tip Matt Mix Box

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  • Long Life Matt

  • Double tip

  • Color: Black Matt

  • Mix Box

  • Lines: 13 

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Long Life double tip Matt eyelash extensions are the love from the first sight and the new revolution in the eyelash market.

After the successful launch of our classical glossy Long Life lashes in 2015 and receiving many requests we decided to start developing the natural version of it and finally they are here!

These eyelash extensions double tips give to the end result some extra making it look super soft.

Long life double tip Matt eyelashes are flat on the base which helps to create better bond between the eyelash extension and natural eyelash resulting in better retention and happier clients!

These eyelashes are ideal creating amazing classical sets and can not miss in your beauty kit! 

They are easy to use and are perfect for the beginners and for the experienced technicians!

You can easily mix Long Life doube tip Matt eyelash extensions with classical glossy Long life eyelashes for some extra glamour.

They come in 13 lines Mix boxes and are available in C and D curl