Pink eyelash extensions 0,15mm Mix Box

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  • Thickness: 0,15mm

  • Color: Pink

  • Number of lines: 12

  • Lenghts: 8-9-10-11-12-13  (2 lines per length)

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LashDream presents the new line of colored eyelash extensions what are made of the new generation synthetic fiber to achieve the same kind of softness as the classical Mink eyelash extensions.

You can use these eyelash extensions mixing with black eyelashes to achieve natural looks with some color splash or you can cover the natural eyelashes completally with colored eyelash extensions.

They are ideal for the fantasy lash art and very easy to use for their particular softness. 

You can use these eyelash extensions with black adhesives Infinite 1, Infinite 2 and Infinite Pro or the transparent adhesive Infinite 4 to have even more visible color. 

These eyelash extensions are available in  C e D curl.

Lenghts in one Mix box:

8mm-  2 Lines
9mm -  2 Lines
10mm-  2 Lines
11mm-  2 Lines
12mm-  2 Lines
13mm -2 Lines

Use with the black adhesives Infinite 1, Infinite 2, Infinite Pro or with the transparent adhesive Infinite 4