Lash Lift eyelash lamination Kit with ALOE

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- Silicon Shield (S) 2pc

- Silicon Shield (M) 2pc

- Silicon Shield (L) 2pc

- Lash Lift Glue 6ml

- Lash Lift separating tool

- Mirror

- Perming Lotion 10pc 1ml

- Fixing Lotion with ALOE 10pc 1ml

- LSB Lash Lamination cream mask 10pc 1ml

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The LSB LashSuperBooster Professional Lash Lift Kit contains all the products needed to perform eyelash perm/lash lift treatment. NEW FORMULA WITH ALOE

The eyelash perm / lash lift and lash lamination treatment makes the eyelashes appear longer and fuller. This treatment is perfect for whom is tired using everyday eyelash curler and mascara and want to appear perfect everyday. The result will remain up to 2 months. Lash Lift-eyelash lamination treatment can be repeated every 4 weeks. This treatment is perfect for the clients who are making a break from eyelash extensions but still want to look at their best!

This kit allows you to perform 10 complete Lash Lift treatments. Each product is packaged in disposable single-use sachets so the product maintains its chemical stability and shelf life when sealed.

Products are for professional use only.
New odorless formula, faster curing time starting from 7 min.