Lash Super Booster - Eyelash lamination

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  • 10 bags 1Ml

  • Eyelash Lamination

  • Made in Italy!

  • For professional use only!

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Lash Super Booster is a new revolutionary product whatis used together during the eyelash perm / lash lift procedure for eyelash and eyebrow lamination.

The first on its kind product produced in Italy! The product what eye beauty market never seen before! 

This product helps to restore and nourish the eyelashes in a way any other product have never done before! Lash Super Booster main igredients are keratine, argan oil andamido acids and vitamins what help to fill and seal the natural hair with all its nourishing components and will make it look thicker and longer at the same time stimulating the eyelash growth. It’s a product what the eye beauty market needed for a long time and finally it’s here! 

For professional use only!