Filters (type A1P3) for elipse mask

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- For elipse mask SPR38

- Protection against gases, dusts and organic vapors with a boiling point> 65 ° C

- Replaceable

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The replaceable filters type A1P3 for elipse mask ( SPR38 ) are made to not breathe the toxic fumes of cyanoacrylate glues that comes out during eyelash extension applications.

The two activated carbon filters, thanks to their high porosity and specific surface, are capable of absorbing and condensing harmful substances with a filtration level higher than 99.95%.

When the filters are exhausted they can be replaced with replacement filters.

Filters can be used as long as they are not clogged and thus increase breathing resistance or until the carbon is exhausted and the user can smell the smell or taste of the gas. The duration of the filters depends on the concentration of pollution at the workplace and the type of activity being carried out. The filtration level will always be higher than 99.95% throughout the period of use. The masks are supplied in an aluminum envelope where they must be stored after use to optimize the life of the activated carbons.

Dimensions: 48.5 x 94.5 x 60 mm

Weight: 83 g cad.

Material: Active carbons with ABS cartridge. Mechanical filters type HESPA synthetic fabric encapsulated in TPE