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  • Kit

  • 6 refectocil colours

  • All the accessories

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RefectoCil Starter Kit Basicis perfect to start with as it contains all the necessary for eyelash andeyebrow tinting. It comes with the small plastic beauty bag which makes it easy to transporteverything with you.Inside the kit you can findthe popular RefectoCil colors as blue black, deep black, light brown, naturalbrown, chestnut and graphite. To create personalized color shades you caneasily mix different colors to achieve perfection.Besides the 6 eyebrow andeyelash colors you can find in the RefectoCil Starter Kit following products:  

1xartist palette 

1xeye protection papers extra 80pc

1x liquidoxydant 3% 50ml 

1xcolor chart1xtint remover 100ml 

1xskin protection cream 75ml

1xeye make up remover 100ml

1xcosmetic brush soft 5pc 

1x DVD